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Metal cooling tower

We are keen on supporting our field by find a reliable cooling tower solutions based upon latest techniques and global updated standards ; as we begin where the others ended in the experiences and innovations  
According accurate measurements, CTI requirements and latest updates we design our factory preassembled or site erected cooling towers
STEADY is a specialized company empowered with a rare experienced team and moderate prices to achieve Competition with major international companies, and find a foothold among the elite
We are available for any enquiries on cooling towers – from consulting and engineering to new constructions, revamps and modernization to the supply of spare parts.
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- Counter flow cooling tower STC

STEADY has its of STC wide range of counter flow open type cooling towers , with body panels of stainless steel , galvanized steel and FRP casing , which are selected  to give you the most efficiency for heat rejection from 100 Kw to 7000 Kw heat load and according CTI considerations
With our power saving choices like multispeed motor, multi-sells operation scenario , thermal sensing control units, with aerofoil blades impellers; our product can serve your application needs and invest in power saving revenue
Either we introduce STC – L with sickle shape axial fan, droplet noise silencer, and fan attenuators which at all reduce sound pressure level to the minimal decibel, for residential and hospitality buildings low sound profile  
Either we install cooling towers fans with direct driven impellers , belt driven with motor inside, belt driven with motor outside or gear driven to be synchronized according application needs , consultancy recommendations , and worksite environment  
For STC and STC-L literatures and selection please click here

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