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Company profile

STEADY  is an internationally operating engineering and contracting company that is highly experienced with thermal design, detail engineering, project and site management.

The company is a specialist provider of cooling tower services for all industries.

With a low overhead company structure, STEADY can offer and deliver fabrication, maintenance and construction services at a highly competitive price.

This combined with our proven safety record, high standard of workmanship and extensive employee
experience means that STEADY consistently meets and exceeds our client’s requirements.

We are your competent and committed partner with more than rare experience in wet cooling.

Our mission is to be the values oriented company with the objective to utilize our expertise on cooling towers to the best of our customers’ advantage, as the field leader.

We are committed to preserving nature and our environment; we use efficient mechanical equipment with low noise emissions, as well as resources-saving techniques.  





Our Vision and Mission


STEADY is planning to be the largest company in its field of local business , over the next five years; by achieving : values-based model, a highly experienced and rare team, and continuous training process. Which make our products and services always be:

  • Established according to the latest technical innovation in our business
  • And achieving mutual success with our customers

We are distinguished by the credibility, transparency and fair price policy

To achieve our slogan: introducing values furthermore Quality





Success tools



 •     Rare team ( honest - energetic – trained – cooperated(

 •     High quality , tested products with the sufficient success and reliability

 •     Theoretical and sophisticated industrial techniques with accurate literature and measuring instruments and programs

 •     The fair and selective prices with the high value can be added to the market and society

 •     Spare parts availability and fast response to the operation sustainability needs

 •     Honest suppliers who can support our credibility with the final customer , and never breach

We met and exceeded the world famous standard with our collaboration with the most experienced and effective manufacturers of cooling tower supplies all over the world

Our diligent sourcing of spare parts and components worldwide, has provided good alternatives to our customers, when deciding on the right suppliers and repair/servicing contractors.







What we are offering


STEADY is the Egyptian pioneer company with a high customer reputation, working with the star companies in HVAC industry, airports, petroleum, petrochemicals, hospitals, hotels, district cooling, and others.   
our company built upon a rare experienced team with value oriented targets to introduce the best products during our creeds of win-win approach success
We are working in the field of:
    • cooling tower erection and maintenance (counter and cross flow types) including USA , EU and far east profiles
    • evaporative condensers and dry coolers
    • ventilation , cooling towers fans and impellers
Our range contains the cooling tower solutions, Heat exchangers, Evaporative condensers, fluid dry coolers, beside the ventilation and industrial fans which standardized according the universal institutes requirements and accumulated experiences





Product range


We are introducing:

1- New complete sets (modular – customized)

The modular cooling tower system can be expanded and customized, and there are standard solutions available for various capacity requirements. This system is standardized to a great degree and has been adapted to a great number of customer wishes. Factory-preassembled modules are employed primarily for smaller projects, for which the customer enjoys significant cost advantages, as the larger the project; on the other hand, the more effective are field-erected cooling towers. Our engineers make customized modifications to meet your special requirements.



2 -spare parts and complete overhauling

For any cooling tower manufacturer STEADY supply a wide range of cooling tower parts and services to enable reliable, trouble free operation for your cooling towers. We work with the major manufacturers to supply high quality cooling tower maintenance supplies compliant with the appropriate safety legislation. STEADY can also offer complete cooling tower overhaul and upgrade packages inclusive of labor, plant and materials.

  • cooling tower body panels replacement  
  • PVC packing fill
  • drift eliminators
  •  inlet air louvers
  • fan impellers
  • pressurized and gravity nozzles
  • pulley & gear reducers
  • belts
  • drive motors
  • shafts
  • overhauling
  • restoration 
  • renovation of counter flow and cross flow cooling towers
  • coatings & repainting according standards and specialized procedures
  • insulation works with non-sag materials and sealants





3- fans


We are introducing all mentioned services and jobs for the field of fans ( industrial – domestic – fire extract – pressurization – cooling towers – high contaminated flow …etc ) we are measuring , testing and maintaining all of above types.





Company values

Reliability, availability, sustainability and credibility



Company sectors


Product sectors:

STEADY sell, contract and maintain for the next :






Part of our reference works


- JW Marriott-Hotel

- Dayem - El Shark for meats factory

- Eco Egypt 

- Modern Company for Glass Industries  

AB compressors Egypt 

- Gascool

- Smart village

- AUC new Cairo


- Echem for petrochemicals

- Halwani for food products

- Ideal standard

- IPI interstate paper industries  

- Wadi glass Sadat City

- Galvametal

- El Sobki fridge complex

- Canex for Aluminum

- International Co for eng. works IEWCO

- Aqua treat

- Canex for Aluminum

- Dric 

- Frigo master Sadat City 

- EG Hand 

- G- TECH 

- Modern plast 

- Al- Rawda for cooling towers

- Brilliant engineering

- Totaline Zagazig

- 3rd Metro line , Egyptian French JV

- El Swidy for metals 

- National Port said steel

- Egyptian steel

- El Marakby steel

- Food lover

- Delta vent air 

- Adwia pharmaceutical

- United for foundries ASIC

- Ritz Carlton Nile hotel

- Arab league

- Petroleum sector workers hospital-

- Suez Canal university

- Dar Al Meyah 

- Egypt air 

- Cogemat 

- Giza Power 

- Nissan Motors Egypt 

- Namaa for engineering works 

- Dar Al Eyoon Hospital 

- Misr Cafe 

- Hermel Hospital 


And many many more