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Calculations and design

Calculation and design of fans

If you plan to design a new cooling tower or to modernize the old one, STEADY specialists will reckon the thermal balance of a cooling tower, define the necessary fan performance and design the draft for you.
Our engineers have many years of experience in fan designing of different types cooling towers. It might be fans with a diameter from 1.000 mm to 20.000 mm.

We are willing to offer an individual solution for your project. It will meet all your highest requirements. It might be a fan with low power consumption or low noise emission. Moreover, it might be a fan for an explosion hazard area or for an aggressive environment, for extreme low temperature or for extreme high temperature. Set a task for our specialists and you will obtain a result which will exceed all your expectations because we will offer the best and the most reliable fan being well thought out about all parts of the construction, high degree of cooling and low power consumption. Up-to-date components usage in the fan will allow to repay very quickly your purchasing costs.

We will maximally adapt your new fan to existing cooling tower constructions for existing cooling tower modernization to avoid extra capital investment. As a result you will obtain an up-to-date fan which will allow to increase cooling tower performance and decrease its energy consumption.

What we offer:

  •     Thermal calculation of cooling tower;
  •     Fan performance , needed KW , sound level 
  •     Selection of bearing and pulleys of the fan 
  •     Fan designing , balancing , measurements 
  •     Matching of new fan to the existing sets 

You will obtain all the above services free of charge in our company if order equipment from us.


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